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Ian has won over 100x 1st Federations/Provincials, winning 3x 1st Nationals in the West Durham Amalgamation from Bourges 565 miles, Arras 361 miles and Wanstead flats 240 miles. Also a winner of 1st National Lillers in the up North Combine 16500 birds, and winner of 2x 1st Open Lillers, open to all the NEHU once in the West Durham and once in the Up North Combine.

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JPS Lofts Charity Sale

When James had his brain tumour operation and I was diagnosed with cancer, after our treatment we decided that at some point we would sell some top-quality birds to raise funds for the two hospitals that treated us, namely the John Radcliffe Neurology Department in Oxford and the James Cook Haematology Department, Middlesbrough. We have […]

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1st & 2nd Fut Winners: Zlatan & Candle in the Wind

Zlatan & Candle in the Wind: 1st and 2nd Open North of England Homing Union Futurity Race, winning over £5,000. This is the second time Ian has been 1st and 2nd open in the NEHU Futurity Race doing the same with Northern Rock and Whitby Jet in 2012.

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National Beauty Wins National Flying Club Fougeres 2016

National Beauty was the winner of the National Flying Club Fougeres 2016. She was bred by J.P.S. Lofts and raced by James and Pete Parker, Reading, partners in J.P.S. Lofts. She is similar bred on one side to Phoenix being from our Gaston van de Wouwer family crossed with a child of The Machine on […]

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1st & 2nd at Loftus Breeder Buyer 2016

J.P.S. Lofts birds CIndy and Phoenix finished 1st and 2nd at the Loftus Breeder Buyer 2016, winning a total of over £7,000. Our 1st two birds at the young bird national were both Loftus breeder buyer rings, bred by us and raced by Ian and Mark in Skinningrove. They finished 7th, 11th, 57th, 57th, (2 […]

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