JPS Lofts Charity Sale

When James had his brain tumour operation and I was diagnosed with cancer, after our treatment we decided that at some point we would sell some top-quality birds to raise funds for the two hospitals that treated us, namely the John Radcliffe Neurology Department in Oxford and the James Cook Haematology Department, Middlesbrough.

We have put together the following 24 Lots that represent some of the cream of our breeding lofts. We are both fully aware that it is not the best time of the year to sell old birds, however these are all top specimens, so with this in mind we will give a youngster no later than the end of May with every old bird purchased. The youngster will be a grandchild of choice from any of our top breeders on

We would just like to add that Mark Walker of Walkers Couriers, the No. 1 courier service, has kindly donated the carriage of all 24 old birds free (young birds to be paid by the buyer). We would also like to thank Peter Bennett for photographing all the birds for free and Lee Fribbins at the Racing Pigeon for the free advert. Also a big thank you to Les Parkinson and Kim Crowley for putting the sale on their auction site Elimar for free.

The sale will hopefully run on Elimar from Wednesday, 28th February, ending Sunday, 4th March (evening).

You can view the 24 Lots online by clicking here or alternatively, you can view the 24 Lots by downloading our PDF.

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