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Stefaan Lambrechts

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These are just a sample of some of our direct birds bred by Stefaan and purchased in June 2016,we bought a full round from him to ensure we only had the very best the birds, below represent a sample of what we have at stock, all of them are out of this world in both hand and looks, these photos were took on 25th October when the birds were just coming up to 5 months old, imagine what they will be like when they are fully matured.

We also ordered a full round off STEFAAN in 2017 and once again only keeping the very best we did not want a loft full of pigeons to breed for other people,just the very best to breed winners .incidently 2 of the youngsters we sold bred the best youngster in all Scotland for GW MCALONEY AND SON in Lanarkshire,on top of these 2 round we bought we also bought another 2 full brothers and sisters of LINCIA and 2 direct children of LINCIA one when she was paired to her very own father,we think we now are one of if not the no1 loft in the uk for Stefaan Lambrecht as we know of no other loft in the uk  that has ever bought 2 full rounds and has 6 brothers and sisters to LINCIA and 2 direct children .

These birds performed from day one and in 2018 Ian Stafford and Mark Wilson won 9 x 1STfederations 7 of these were with Stefaan Lambrechts

Limited number of youngsters available throughout the season from all the directs. Full details will be added in the near future