Pennine Heights | GB08-N22988

Champion Pennine Heights, winner of the National Flying Club Blue Riband Event 2011, flying a record 740 miles his CV reads as 2011 1st Lancs and Yorks 4 bird club, 1st section K, 1st Single Bird NOM NFC Competion, 1st Open National Flying Club Grand National Tarbes approx. 3500 birds open to all the UK on 2/7/11. 22nd section K 103 members sent 771 birds, 708thopen National Flying Club 8745 birds, velocity 807ypm in a north east wind 472 miles 4 weeks before tarbes; 5/6/10 97th section K 102 members 789 birds 854th Open National Flying Club 8526 birds 417 miles. 2 weeks later, 17th section K 73 members 328 birds POITERS, 513 miles 891st Open National Flying Club 1068 members, sent 5954 birds 15 hrs 35 mins on the wing furthest flying pigeon in the UK timed on the day of liberation liberated at 6.30am timed at 10.05pm he also won 3rd Club 18th fed niort 525 miles, beaten by 2 loftmates.

All in all, a true long distance champion, bred from the best of the UK extreme distance bloodlines through CHRIS GORDON when paired onto the best extreme distance bloodlines on the continent via ETIENNE MIERLAAN, and when you consider his grand father won the same race and was the previous UK national flying club record holder, what better pedigree to this supreme champion with stunning looks and a fantastic body confirmation.

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